Vision - The Monkeys' Offnight

The exchange is the core idea of the company. They want to create a larger and deeper discourse between urban, contemporary dance and contemporary circus. It is of lasting importance to network these art areas and to make interdisciplinary projects visible. So far, urban dance and contemporary circus have not received much public attention. But with the combination, the strengths can be connected and new perspectives can be created. The aim is that urban arts become equally visible and accessible in the cultural landscape as other academic art forms. At the same time, these arts should be strengthened in Germany by creating new, innovative and interdisciplinary projects.

In the course of this, the Monkeys dedicated part of their evening to an event created especially for this purpose: "Monkeys Offnight" brings artists: inside from dance, artistry and music together to present parts of unfinished works and to try them out on the audience and then in the " Exhibition Crossover Battle” to enter into a direct exchange with the aim of composing movement and sound that take place purely and in the moment.

Editing: Veit Schmoll - Phyte Photography